First with the leaders large & small for many good reasons!

Great care is taken in each production step: die forming, engraving and polishing, plating and finishing. There are numerous special design features (bottom) developed with some of our *Leading Police and Fire Departments and Government Agencies. Service is outstanding…most orders, large or small are out next or following day! 

City Police:          New York                NY State Correctional Facilities

                            Chicago                   Virginia State Police


                            Los Angeles            Idaho State Police


                            Cleveland                 Illinois State Police


                            St. Louis                   Attleboro


                            Scores of others large and small


Government:       TSA (airport security)

                            National Park Service

                            U.S. Forest Service

                             Immigration & Naturalization Service

                             U.S. Air Force

                             U.S. Customs


Airlines:               American Airlines           Mesa Airlines

                             USAirways                      Colgan Airlines

                                  Piedmont Airlines             


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