For Lodging Hospitality Namepins

As an added touch of distinction, those in the lodging industry may add their logo to their hospitality namepins. The added cost is small; $40.00 for preparation of film for each color and this applies to your initial order only. The extra unit cost is very modest.

For your logo on your namepins include art for it's reproduction when you order. Camera ready is best or we can pick it up from any clean existing printed material. Provide notations for color/s, samples to match or PMS color numbers.

Those choosing Metal Framed, Plastic Framed, or Laminated Plastic namepins can further customize theirs in choosing from four attractive color combinations offered for the name panels and lettering. The name panels are made of thin plastic layered in two colors, engraving is through the surface color into the underlying color for sharp contrasting letters. A list of combinations follow:

First color is the surface / Second color is lettering layer
White/Dk. Blue

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