PINBACK  is US crafted to jeweler standards. Fine smooth working joints and catches are securely riveted on. Traditionally for shirts, blouses and light jackets.
pinback example
Dual Grip Clutches, features two die-formed pinettes each with three locking grooves so grippers adjust for shirts, jackets or winter wear. Pinettes are perfectly spaced for adapting (optional) service awards tabs.

D-LUX MAGNET  Ideal, self centers, holds securely on any garment  and won't  damage fabric. Magnet is nicely encased in smooth non-chill crystal  with our unique lever shape for easy on / easy off !

EZ (ECONO)MAGNET has a unique inter-locking feature that holds securely yet "gently" on most any fabric. Special "lever" shape for easy removal...just grip and lift. Comes in Polished silver finish.

POCKETCLIP patented lightweight tab slips securely into (and over top of) pocket. Tension tongue adapts to any fabric thickness. Smooth satin finish in gold or silver.