Modest in cost and with numerous new and attractive features; A selection of eight background and lettering color combinations (listed below), sturdy construction, sharp appearance and Reeves fine fasteners securely supplied by thermal fusion. They're offered plain or with your logo imprint, fully personalized or left blank for personalizing on your own engraver or labeler.

Plastic Framed Namepins: are made in two parts, Plastic Frames beautifully molded in hi-impact plastic in five rich colors: navy or medium blue, forest green, pewter gray and white plus crystal clear. Name Panel Inserts in special thin plastic laminate with two color layers for background and engraved lettering (eight combinations below). Adhesive backed for assembly into frames.
Laminated Plastic Namepins: Our most basic style, its made of 3/32" thick plastic laminate with eight color choices for background and lettering (listed below). No's L1 & L2 are with square corners and beveled edges, L4 & L5 rounded corners.

Background and lettering color combos: Name Panel Inserts for Plastic Framed namepins and Laminated Plastic Namepins are made of plastic layered in two colors. Engraving is through the surface color into the underlying color for contrasting lettering. Eight combos available are listed below with first color for surface and second the lettering:

Gold/Black Black/White
Silver/Black Dk. Green/White
Med. Blue/White White/Black
White/Blue Dk. Blue/White

For ordering instructions and prices for namepins to suit your needs please click the link at top of this page that matches your industry or profession.