About Us

Bob Reeves
Three Generations of Ownership

The Origin of Reeves Name Badges

Reeves Company was founded by Bob Reeves in 1947 in Attleboro, MA which, at that time, was known as the “The Jewelry Capital of the World”. Bob dedicated his life to his company for over 71 years by continually refining the design, structure, and quality of his name badges. For that reason, Reeves Company has pioneered the name badge industry. To this day, Reeves Company draws on the unique skills and craftsmanship of the area.

Over 70 Years Later

Reeves Company is in its 3rd generation of ownership and looking forward to passing down the family business to the next generation when the time comes. Dedication to quality and customer service remains as the dominant family trait as each generation pursues Bob’s dream.

Reeves Company-The Preferred Vendor

You will find that Reeves Name Badges represent the essence of high design with their sleek profile and refined look.  Reeves Company sets itself apart from competitors by not skimping on quality. While anyone can print a label to use as a name badge, Reeves Name Badges show a commitment by the wearer to customer service and a well-dressed appearance. Reeves Company continues to cater to first responders throughout the U.S., as well as distinguished hotels and resorts around the world making Reeves Company the preferred vendor for luxury brands.