Reeves Company’s mission is to improve connectivity between people through name badges. In working toward that goal, we have also developed ways to lessen our carbon footprint. At Reeves, we recognize that connections exist not only between humans, but within our communities and the environment. Thus, the well-being of the earth and the people on it are all interconnected.


Reeves Company, Inc. has taken action to reduce our carbon footprint since its inception in 1947. We successfully minimized our waste through re-using and recycling even before environmental issues became a global concern. As each year goes by, we re-evaluate and redouble our conservation efforts out of our commitment to the environment.

Reeves has:

  • Replaced all the fluorescent lighting in our plant and offices with LED lighting.
  • Implemented a Re-Used Shipping Box Program. In this program, an astounding amount of 5,000 shipping boxes are re-used per year with just one of our customers. In 2020, we expanded the program to include another customer who is just as dedicated to environmental issues as Reeves.
  • Designed name-badge-sized shipping boxes in an effort to ship out our product in the smallest boxes possible.
  • Replaced our air compressors and boilers with high-efficiency models.
  • Continued to recycle all scrap metal as well as cardboard boxes and wooden pallets from our suppliers.
  • Participated as a sponsor and volunteer of Keep Attleboro Beautiful Cleanup.
  • 29% of our employees who carpool to work. (Percentage calculated prior to the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Planted over 50 trees and shrubs on the property over the years.
  • Made changes to the cleaning products that we use. Instead of using bleach-based products as our primary disinfectant, we have begun to use Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl). It is a chemical-free and non-toxic alternative that is safe for the environment and our employees.


Attleboro, MA has been the home to Reeves since our company opened our doors. All three generations of Reeves Company owners share an understanding of how valuable the well-being of our employees and community are.

For that reason, Reeves:

  • Provides employees access to a fitness room inside the plant.
  • Maintains an outdoor picnic area for employees to enjoy.
  • Is dedicated to workplace safety for our employees. In 2019, Reeves voluntarily participated in and completed the MA Department of Labor’s On-site Consultation Program.
  • Provides excellent employee benefits, including a paid day off for volunteer work.
  • Donates name badges to local organizations in Attleboro, MA.
  • Donates excess materials to be used by local schools’ art programs.
  • Sponsors local organizations and schools through cash donations.

If you are interested in joining our sustainability efforts at Reeves Company, please contact Rachel Benavides at